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17th Chicago Bike Winter Art Show, 2014

17th Chicago Bike Winter Art Show

Chicago Public Radio, WBEZ
Bikers Bring Art to
the Masses

Tomorrow is the last Friday of January and a cold day for Critical Mass, a monthly event where bikers swarm the city streets. But this month an art show is giving riders some creative inspiration for braving the elements.
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Bike Winter Art Show History
I mention this night at Quenchers because it was here that the seed for the Critical Mass Art Show took root. Some of us were talking about the idea as a way to keep the group active through the Winter when the monthly rides were likely to be skimpy. A new rider, Travis, happened to overhear our conversation, and said he knew a gallery we could use. The rest, as they say, is (or will be) history.
- Jim Redd (Ride Report Oct. 1997)

Wow, 17 years... You probably know the drill by now. We are about showcasing bike art in all mediums, just make sure your work is at least a teensy-bit bike related. We've seen everything from stuffed animals wrapped in inner tubes to bike sweaters literally knitted right on a frame, so get creative with it! Also, keep in mind we end on Fri Feb 28 with a bike fashion show, and we are also looking for local designers of bike clothing and accessories.

Submission Deadline: Monday February 17, 2014

Email your name, title of work, description, dimensions, and price along with photo(s). If you have a sculpture or site specific installation, contact us ASAP:

this is an inclusive community show, and we need all help we can get :)

Ancien Cycles is opening up on 688 North Milwaukee Ave as a bike shop that includes a full cafe and bar. The bar will not be ready for our show at the end of February, but we have a big space to work with, and it is pretty awesome that we are involved in establishing a new social hub for cyclists in Chicago. {more info here: Ancien Cycles on Facebook}

Steven Lane & Stuart Hall

Co-curators, Bike Winter Art Show

Event Programs: 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, 2009, 2008