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September, 2008 Ride

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Hey....I'm just throwing this out there.

Report from the September, 2008 Ride:

Ok, listen. You can say that I'm just trying to be selfish or whatever, but I swear I think this would be a good idea for a route. What we've gotta do is take the mass up north to my apartment in Roger's Park where we will protest to my land lord until he agrees to repair the buzzer on my front door. I believe that the hundreds within the mass can achieve what I alone could not.

Halloween CM Bike Ride to meet up with Halsted Halloween Parade!!

Report from the September, 2008 Ride:

How about a great idea! Let's make a route map to join up with the Halsted/Boystown Halloween Parade taking place the same day as our ride this month! What a Spooktacular Happening! ;)

The parade starts around 7p...if we made a route with big main roads on the way up there, we could get there in time and be a part of it!

Whaddya say, folks? Let's do it, in costume, of course!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! ;)

Riding my bike on LSD was a real treat!

Report from the September, 2008 Ride:

Me and my Buddy met at Daley Plaza for September's Ride expecting just your average Critical Mass gathering, but were we in for a surprise.
Things started off as usual, a few laps, a ride through downtown and then some confusion set in around Kingsbury. The front of the mass broke from the back. We got to Daley Plaza late and didn't know there was a map. And in front things seemed chaotic with no direction. First, I thought, not another north side ride. Secondly, we barely got out of downtown and the ride already seemed doomed.

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Severly Disappointed by the Disrespectful Bike Riders

Report from the September, 2008 Ride:

Hi all - I am an avid bike rider and I do not own a car. About 75% of my friends are the same way. One of these particular friends had borrowered her boyfriends car for errands that required a vehicle last Friday night. She entered the intersection of Clybourn and Cortland to be stopped by the Critical Mass bike rally. The bikes stopped coming and the light was green, so they moved forward through the intersection. Bikers started coming again, so she stopped. Her car was stopped next to an older gentleman in a BMW.

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Pictures from the Ride on September 26, 2008

Report from the September, 2008 Ride:

Great Ride! My first in Chicago, just moved from SF. Great to see so many bikers rallying and raising bike awareness. Check out my pics on flickr (flickr set includes videos, too).


Great Ride to a Point

Report from the September, 2008 Ride:

As usual I got a tremendous amount of fun out of the ride and the people involved. Met a few regulars at Daley and had some good conversation. The only blemishes on the night that I saw were an SUV and bike smash up at one point and a smashed out car window at Fullerton/Halsted and Lincoln. I only hope that tempers would not be fueled to the point of violence like the two incidences that I saw. Other than that the North Ave. bridge scene was breathtaking as we got there just at sunset. Nice vibe at North and Damen also. I had to say adios as some decided to take on LSD.

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Pics from the last daylight ride of the year

Report from the September, 2008 Ride:

My pics are posted here A very festive ride. Thanks to all the cyclists with music machines, especially Alex for leading the beginning and Todd for making a map.

My First Ride

Report from the September, 2008 Ride:

Before i write about this months Mass, i would like to make one suggestion to all the mapmakers out there...MAKE YOUR MAPS CIRCULAR...heres a few reasons why:

1.) Metra Stations, El Stations, Millennium Park, and countless Restaurants are close by
2.) The people in the back will ultimately know where they will end up!
3.)It will show the people of the city that we are still riding, because we leave, and never come back, but what if they saw, that hours later, we are still biking, and guess how much gas we used :)

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Happy cyclist, raging cars.

Report from the September, 2008 Ride:

I went head to foot in the mass repeatedly, the entire trek from Daley Plaza to stragglers ending at Navy Pier, and what I saw was a mass with spirit, and an unusually high number of egotistic self-centered entitled Neanderthals raging from cars.

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CCM Map September 2008

Designed by [unknown] for the September, 2008 Ride
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The Derailleur September 2008

Designed by willow naeco for the September, 2008 Ride
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