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July, 2009 Ride

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Still We Ride

Report from the July, 2009 Ride:

A great Critical Mass Documentary

i love it

Report from the July, 2009 Ride:

my second time
amazing as the first
i always have and will love this event
but gah i try my best to get in pics but ive only found one of me so far and its just my bike from me do a hold up
i ride the red trek with the spinergy
anyone with pics
let me know

cant wait till friday see yah there

Ride Report, July 31st Chicago Critical Mass, "Summer of VELO"

Report from the July, 2009 Ride:

(overdue, kept planning to get others' editorial input then dropped the ball, so any smarties/stylists out there feedback please)

I write to remember these times, and to share the experience deeply as introduction and furtherance and practical advice to those new to the mass.

This month's Critical Mass included World Naked Bike Ride influence, and was titled the "Summer of VELO" ride. "Velo" is a clever twist replacing "love" with the latin prefix for speedy/swift/rapid, often found in words relating to bicycles.

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a BIG thank you!

Report from the July, 2009 Ride:

A huge thanks to all those who helped make Friday the most moving day of my life. I was proposed to by my amazing fiance and want to thank EVERYBODY who was there, who cheered and snapped photos and videos and especially those involved in making the route and making it all possible. It was a very special day and I am grateful to have such astounding support from the community. Cheers to all!!!

It was a gorgeous night for a ride

Report from the July, 2009 Ride:

But can't we do a slightly better job with the route. Whoever is making the map could take more things into consideration, more one-ways so we're not fighting traffic on the left as much, less tiny side streets so we don't bottleneck so often, more points of interest. I don't know, just an idea.

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Too big for side streets :-(

Report from the July, 2009 Ride:

It was an awesome ride, and everybody was really great. It was a very friendly group. One Observation - On the narrow side streets folks were riding on the sidewalks a lot (which will happen with such large groups). I would recommend major streets only. When you hit the residential streets in the summer there are lots of little kids out and about, and they are not ready for a 200 lbs guy blasting down the sidewalk. there were a few close calls, but no injury's to report. RIDE ON!!!!!!!

Massively Romantic

Report from the July, 2009 Ride:

Photo by Robert Matter

A public affair
Chicago Tribune, August 1, 2009

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Text chatter log.

Report from the July, 2009 Ride:

Transcript of text group chatter from 2009.07.31 ride, for the record, so I had some where to paste it before it aged off.

8:55p: chicagofun: Northbound on S Halsted
8:25p: chicagofun: Southbound on Damen at Division
7:53p: chicagofun: Circling at Belmont and Lincoln and Ashland.
7:46p: chicagofun: Westbound on Addison
7:42p: chicagofun: Northbound on Hasted 3400 n
7:31p: chicagofun: Northbound on Clark, 2400 N
7:22p: chicagofun: Northbound on Wells from North ave.
7:13p: cinchel: Mass up
7:10p: Wontoner23: Wheres the mass? Lateccomer in Logan
7:01p: Susieqt314: We made it!

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Photos of July Ride

Report from the July, 2009 Ride:

My photos are in the usual place.

What a ride.

Report from the July, 2009 Ride:

So this was my first Critical Mass and I was quite excited to be a part of it. Congrats to the man who proposed on Wacker, that was wonderfully cute man. Good luck to you two!

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A good time but Major change needed

Report from the July, 2009 Ride:

Had a great time and the turnout was something else but when there are that many people the mass can span some serious distance and when people are waiting over 20 or 30 min on a bunch of cyclists you can't blame them for being impatient.

There were some incidence it witnessed and others I heard rumors of that suggest when we ride in that kind of numbers there needs to be a way to allow some motorists through.

get a life

Report from the July, 2009 Ride:

Obey the traffic laws and people might stop trying to run you over. Idiots.

Try being more like your Canadian cousins

Jerk who ran me off the road!

Report from the July, 2009 Ride:

While enjoying the ride Friday eve July 31, 2009 in Chgo, we were turning right on the corner of Ashland and Division when a 'critical ASS' on a bike speeding, hits me. He sends me and my bike flying in the street. I lay there bleeding and at first he offers me help cause I couldn't move the bike out of the way. My front wheel is turned around and stuck. My front brakes are destroyed and this asshole says I need help and rides away, leaving me there. I thought he was going to get me help but of course he NEVER returned and I was left to limp to the nearest restaurant to wash the blood off.

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Nice Proposal

Report from the July, 2009 Ride:

The proposal on Wacker with the sign was great. I wish those two the best and kudos to the guy for being creative in the process. I grabbed a map from Stephan prior to arriving so I will thank him for the fun route and keeping things moving along. CPD of course had presense, however most all of what I saw were the bike coppers. Many tickets for open booze, however that I just don't get. You are riding a bike with open beer in a bag and there are police all over on bikes in teams. Why would you think you wouldn't be ticketed?

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CCM Map July 2009

Designed by Steven Lane for the July, 2009 Ride
Download: MapCCM0709.jpg

The Derailleur July 2009

Designed by willow naeco for the July, 2009 Ride
Someone forgot to upload a file...


Designed by thestevenlane for the July, 2009 Ride


We're going to party in the lot we used for the last World Naked Bike Ride and see an outdoor premier of the +body video of Chicago's naked ride and dance the night away!!!

Download: CCM-July2009-Map.jpg