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August, 2009 Ride

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Ride Reports:

Last Friday's awesome ride...

Report from the August, 2009 Ride:

(From Jane Healy, cross posted from CCM mailing list)
I'm overwhelmed with work right now (not least of which is volunteer duties for the upcoming Boulevard Lakefront Tour), so I apologize for commenting over a week after the event. But...

I just had to share that we had an utterly FANTASTIC ride last week! The weather was gorgeous, the crowd was *not* a drunken frat party on wheels, the police did a good job helping out, and the route was AWESOME!

To whoever did all the mapping: NICE JOB.

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Thanx Everyone!

Report from the August, 2009 Ride:

August "Water Mass" artist/facilitator/taker-of-flak here, Andrew Bedno.
My gratitude is boundless for the privilege of fielding this massive thing.
I'm happy with a technically good mass, balancing countless considerations then executed safely.
But I was isolated at front so am eagerly looking forward to reading others' stories.

My wrap notes, and followups to some feedback

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Good Ride That Crashed and Burned

Report from the August, 2009 Ride:

Another fun time that started with a good route that took us up North and then down thru Greektown and South. The downtown area is always the most fun for me, however I know we have to move along eventually. When we went out South of course there were a lack of observers, however I needed to ride for the exercise and got to move along fast. The only down side I felt was when we were turned around because of a CPD involvement in a shooting west of Sox park.

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Ride Flyers:

CCM Map August 2009

Designed by Andrew Bedno for the August, 2009 Ride
Download: MapCCM0809.jpg

The Derailleur August 2009

Designed by willow naeco for the August, 2009 Ride
Someone forgot to upload a file...

Water Mass

Designed by Andrew Bedno for the August, 2009 Ride

"Water Mass" - River/Island/Lake themed route ending at 31st beach, August 28th 2009 ride.

Also see KML version in GoogleMaps.

Download: 20090828f.png
Download: 20090828f.pdf