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More Photos (with location!)

Report from the June, 2007 Ride:

Saw this on the CCM email list:

From: Jonathan Markel

I just finished with uploading the geotagged photos and posted a link to them on my blog.

Let me know what you think and feel free to send the link on to other interested folks.


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June 2007: The Movie

Report from the June, 2007 Ride:

The following links you to a series of videos I made from the June 2007 ride. Pardon all my editorializing in Parts 1 & 2, but I wanted to give the uninitiated a look into the Chicago Critical Mass experience, particularly all the cool bike happenings that spin off of our monthly ride. If you don't have the time for that, at least check out Part 3 - it’s a MUST SEE!

Chicago Critical Mass June 2007 p1 08:42

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Photo Bread Crumbs from the June Mass

Report from the June, 2007 Ride:

For the June CCM I mounted a camera on my bike and took about 450 photos along the route. They have all been placed on Google Maps here.

Make certain to zoom in as more photos will become visible at the higher zoom levels. Rolling you mouse over the marker displays a preview image and clicking brings up a larger version.

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Pics from June and old masses

Report from the June, 2007 Ride:

Enthusiastic riders and bystanders + beautiful weather = great ride! Thanks to all. My pics from June and past rides are in Flickr
and smugmug

Don Sorsa
dsorsa AT

Better than average ride in June

Report from the June, 2007 Ride:

The June 2007 ride was one of the better rides, and a couple of things contributed to that, I think.

Those in front rode slowly – and as a result we didn’t lose the mass-iness.

We stopped (or were stopped) by red lights frequently, and that helped keep the mass together as well.

I think it’s better to stop more often but for shorter periods that to wait until we get all strung out, everybody yelling “Mass Up!” and then waiting at a light for two or three cycles before proceeding.

I didn’t see any incidents or behavior that warranted attention.

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Ride Flyers:

The Derailleur June 2007

Designed by willow naeco for the June, 2007 Ride
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Designed by Steven for the June, 2007 Ride

The flyer promoting this website on one side and CCMX on the other was passed out at this ride.

The flyers are on the flyer exchange here (website) and here (CCMX).

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June '07 Ronald McDonald ride route proposal

Designed by Howard for the June, 2007 Ride

June '07 Ronald McDonald ride route

Download: CCMJune07.pdf