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balloons to the rescue

Report from the September, 2007 Ride:

I had a great time creating balloon helmets in the plaza before we left. They are really actually pretty easy to make and if you ever want to get people to smile...well, having a helmet that extends 4 feet beyond your head is great. Anyway, the mass was pretty slow at first, but I had a great time getting my picture taken and giving people high fives. While we were stuck on Michigan some tourists got in the picture with us. I also enjoyed being a landmark for people trying to find each other within the mass.

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As a newbie I always Cork at least once

Report from the September, 2007 Ride:

My cork was at Wells and Ontario (I believe...rather blurry...we went there, right?) and immediately some Jag In The Bag got half way out (chicken wimp) of his SUV and started yelling. The other corkers cooled him out, however the next "act" was a total insane guy with his little blonde daughter in tow screaming "I have to get my daughter to the opera, I have to get my daughter to the opera". He went on to say that "you are hurting her and making her cry". When this started happening I moved over to their side of the cork and he yelled the usual obsenities at me (BFD).

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Cork, Sprint, Rinse, Repeat

Report from the September, 2007 Ride:

So I spent the mass sprinting to the front, then corking until the rear hit. I corked 6 times.
Cork 1: Michigan Ave & Walton Dr.
I had 3 tanks edging up on me the entire time. One was a very disgruntled land rover that really wanted someone to ruin that pretty paint job. A police officer was helping me on this cork. I didn't catch the officer's name, but he was a really nice guy. He told me he thought it was a good idea and all, as long as people don't go all crazy and get excited and fight.

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Long Live The Mass so See Ya Later This Month

Report from the September, 2007 Ride:

The first route (orange piece of paper) looked good and the second route (smaller piece of paper) would not have been my choice, however not a deal breaker. The rogue marching band ride going no where in particular was more like a bike walk than a ride. With that kind of ride the police really just had a field day with us. Eventually just pushing us in to no man's land.

Funky soul mix...

Report from the September, 2007 Ride:

In celebration of 10 years of CCM, I have put together a mix called The Revolution Will Not Be Motorized.

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Report from the September, 2007 Ride:

Last Mass My Ass! Committee

On Friday evening, the ride passed into the final stages of dementia, becoming unable to care for itself, slowly making its way to Rosehill Cemetery. There, it died, trading in its bike for a wheelchair. Or so the story goes …

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see ya next month....

Report from the September, 2007 Ride:

with all the hype of being the 10th anniversary and the 'last' ccm the whole thing ended up being a bit too crowded with non-regular riders and a bit too disjointed. not a good route for a mass of that size. obviously, it was still the funnest thing i did this month....

of course, as far as i'm concerned, the ccm is anarchy and just cuz somebody called it the 'last' doesn't mean we won't be back in daley next month. of course we will. see ya then.


Report from the September, 2007 Ride:

Chicago Critical Mass
1997 - 2007

Chicago Critical Mass, a contentious monthly bike ride that indelibly
changed the streets of the City, passed away Friday evening after
suffering a long decline.

The Chicago Critical Mass Delay Plaza Rides were born in 1997 as a
demonstration which brought out 150 cyclists with the goal of affirming cyclists' right to the road. Over the years, the ride steadily grew,
routinely turning out thousands of riders and paving the way for
numerous citywide bike-friendly reforms, including:

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Good people, good ride...

Report from the September, 2007 Ride:

Thanks to all who made the 10th anniversary ride a blast. Great to see people helping out the few people who took a spill - thankfully also no major injuries.

It's a shame we didn't follow any of the true maps - the routes looked great! Circling Wrigley would have been a blast, too bad we got denied Clark. LSD was within our grasp too, so close, yet so far...

Pics and a short vid below (I assure you, I didn't dub in the overplayed Green Day, it was coming out of someone's sound system!)

some photos, and a video..

Report from the September, 2007 Ride:

i thought it went remarkably well considering the size of the throng

good times!
its a shame its all over now..
thank you CCM for the memories..

Fun, despite some attitudes

Report from the September, 2007 Ride:

I rode in Critical Mass for my first time last night at the 10th anniversary ride. I've been a longtime supporter of the mass but haven't had an opportunity (or bike) to ride with the group until this time around. It was surreal, exhilarating, and tons of fun to ride with the group! There were some slow times and thin times, but otherwise it was a great ride and I'd be happy to do it again. I hope that Critical Mass lives on. I wished many a pedestrian and motorist a Happy Friday.

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anti-climactic ?

Report from the September, 2007 Ride:

It was weird when we didn't circle the plaza. I was kinda looking forward to that , but I guess the addition of the marching band necessitated them just leaving the plaza so that they could stay out infront. So right off the bat the mass was a bit disjointed. When I decided that the mass was leaving and I should catach them, the plaza still had a lot of ppl in it. I have mixed feeling about not circling, but I thought it was stupid to choose to leave from the south west corner. I think that is why the main plaza was still full, you couldn't really see what was going on.

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Too young to die

Report from the September, 2007 Ride:

My wife and I are daily bicycle commuters and do not own a car. We live a car-free lifestyle but are neither preachy nor political about it. She had never seen or participated in a CCM ride, and I had not participated since 1998. We both had come to agree with the conclusion that CCM had grown too big for its britches and that it was counter-productive to the overall effort to get more people out of their cars. Until last night.

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Report from the September, 2007 Ride:

Palmer Square was ours! The head of the animal was ready to chew off its own tail -- we had the whole square massed-in. Seeing the beast in its entirety was a vision I will never forget for so long as I tell this story. Thank you CCMX planners, Mucca Pazza, Chicago Police Department, National Lawyers Guild, and all who gleefully rode in our 10th Anniversary Ride. In my heart, CCM Rides In Peace.

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Ride Flyers:

CCM Map September 2007 (v. c)

Designed by John Greenfield for the September, 2007 Ride
Download: MapCCM0907c.jpg

CCM Map September 2007 (v. b)

Designed by [unknown] for the September, 2007 Ride
Download: MapCCM0907b.jpg

CCM Map September 2007 (v. a)

Designed by Steven Lane for the September, 2007 Ride
Download: MapCCM0907a.jpg

Our baby is growing tour 2007

Designed by notlastmass for the September, 2007 Ride

In honor of Chicago Critical Mass’s 10th birthday, lets start thinking about its future. Before we know it our tween will be applying to college. It’s time to check out some fine Chicago Institutions of Higher Learning

Download: schooltour2007.pdf

CCMX: The Vélorution Tour 09/2007

Designed by Steven Lane for the September, 2007 Ride

Coming out of Delay Plaza for ten years, it seems only natural to take a tour of some of the biggest hold-ups ever recorded in Chicago Critical Mass herstory. We start our trip right by taking LSD north for a magnificant mile of roadway running through Grant Park. This may be our last chance to bike the drive through the park; the Chicago Department of Depaving plans to have three miles of Lake Shore Drive removed to restore Grant Park in time for the Burnham Centennial Celebration in 2009.

Download: CCMXvelorutiontour_09-2007.jpg
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CCMX: 4 Happy Fridays

Designed by Steven Lane for the September, 2007 Ride

This is not a map, but it points to 4 Fridays of bike fun celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Chicago Critical Mass rides coming out of Delay Plaza. We start off by getting back to our roots while celebrating a new beginning; the Wicker Park Critical Mass kicks off Friday September 7.

Email Flier, download and send to all your friends

3up PDF, download to print and pass out to strangers

Download: CCMX_4Fridays_3upflier.pdf
Download: CCMX_4Fridays_emailflier.gif